What Most Brides Forget on their Wedding Day

We absolutely love working with our sweet brides and we love helping them out as much as we can! Today, we are here to give you a few reminders of what not to forget on your wedding day. Most of these tips seem like they are common sense, but brides have so much on their plate when planning a wedding, that some things go unnoticed! So, we hope this blog can help someone out there!

1)    Keep all three wedding bands with you, or your bridesmaid!

Most people would assume that the best man keeps the wedding band with him, but we actually need that band for pictures and if the best man is not at the venue then we can’t photograph it! When we arrive, the first thing we do is photograph all of your details, including the both bands and your engagement ring so just keep that band with you!

2)    Make sure you know how to bustle your dress before the day of the wedding!

Bustling your dress can actually take a lot longer than most people realize. Most bustles are super tiny and hard to find, even with good eye sight! We have bustled many, many dresses during our time and we love to do it for any of our brides! You don’t want to be trying to figure out how to bustle your dress, to keep you from entering your reception for 20+ minutes. You have a maid of honor for a reason and she would love to take on figure out how to bustle that dress! 😉

3)    Florals should be delivered to you, even if you are not getting ready at the venue.

This is so easy to forget and most people don’t even think of it. From bouquets to boutonnieres, we need them all! When we first started shooting weddings, we didn’t know that it was even a thing, but it is so important! We use florals in detail shots and love to photograph the rings in flowers so we need your bouquet!

4)    Stop, and take it all in!

Make sure to stop at some point during the wedding day and realize what all is happening! You are marrying the love of your life and with all the business of a wedding day, it’s easy to forget what is going on. We always love pulling the bride and groom to the side for portraits and reminding them what all is happening. It’s an amazing day and it goes by so fast, so it is good to stop and take it all in.

Hopefully this helps you and makes your wedding a little, less stressful!

XOXO – Alex & Dylan


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